• The Order 1029/11.05.2020 approving DAC6 form in Romania was published in the Official Journal (18.05.2020) and is available at the following link;
  • LinkedIn post regarding DAC6 reporting form for Romania – see link;
  • The world is moving forward: The European Commission recommends Romania to reach a budget deficit of 3% of GDP by 2022, although this is obviously impossible. European economists forecast Romania's budget deficit of 9.2% of GDP in 2020 and 11.4% of GDP in 2021 – click here.


  • CFE’s Tax Top 5 Key Tax News of the week (18 May 2020) – click here;
  • The single European electronic format for annual financial reporting, a new challenge for listed companies – click here;
  • Turkey: Amendments regarding documentation in decree on disguised profit distribution through transfer pricing – click here;
  • Spain’s Council of Ministers approve draft Law on DAC6 – click here;
  • Luxembourg: EC “letters of formal notice” to amend tax law on securitization – click here;
  • Italy’s Supreme Court rules on VAT treatment of intercompany management fees – click here;
  • Netherlands Supreme Court addresses taxation of perpetual securities under debt/equity rules – click here


  • The Latest on BEPS and Beyond | May 2020 edition – click here;
  • Inclusive Framework on BEPS - Countries still can’t agree on update to multinational group taxation rules, OECD official says – click here;
  • United States: Competent authority, changes regarding requests and APA consultations – click here;
  • India amends rules for resolution of tax disputes under MAP – click here;
  • Trade Watch Webcast: How transfer pricing and customs alignment can help enhance cash recovery during an economic downturn – click here;
  • Article - Augmenting Loan Documentation in light of Chapter X of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines – click here;
  • Article - Customs valuation and related party transactions – click here.


  • UK will raise taxes to pay for COVID-19 spending – click here;
  • COVID-19 Global Tax Developments Summary – click here;
  • Transfer Pricing Changes May Result in Potential Customs Tariff Opportunities in a COVID-19 Environment – click here.
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