• Romania registered an economic growth of 2.4% in the first quarter – click here;
  • Romania's total external debt increased in the first three months – click here;
  • Postpone of the DAC6 reporting terms - click here;
  • NAFA: Draft order on the approval of the form for reporting cross-border arrangements – click here and here.

Europe & Global

  • Public consultation meeting on the 2020 Review of Country-by-Country Reporting (BEPS Action 13) – click here;
  • EU Commission extends deadlines for VAT e-commerce rules, DAC reporting – click here;
  • KPMG Guide on Posting of Workers 2020 – click here;
  • Real estate clauses in Polish tax treaties after the MLI – click here;
  • German finance ministry clarifies transfer pricing proposal – click here;
  • Italy’s financial transaction tax complies with EU law, court rules – click here;
  • BEPS MLI to enter to force for Czech Republic, Korea – click here;
  • MNEs to face obstacles in acquiring Swedish companies with significant IP – click here;
  • Firms in EU tax havens cannot be denied Covid bailouts – click here;
  • Russia: Draft legislative amendments to revise APA measures – click here;
  • Colombia becomes 37th member of the OECD - click here;
  • Peru establishes carryforward rule for losses incurred during fiscal year 2020 – click here;
  • Peru: No changes to transfer pricing filing, reporting obligations – click here;
  • US IRS assisting taxpayers with APAs during downturn, relaxes APA and MAP filing requirements – click here;
  • International business frequently asked questions (Australia) – click here;
  • Brazil clarifies law on goodwill and step-up deductibility – click here.


  • Belgium – COVID-19: Arrangements for Taxing Cross-Border Workers with Germany, Netherlands – click here;
  • Portugal: Tax compliance relief measures – click here;
  • Slovenia: Additional tax relief measures – click here;
  • Italy: Tax relief measures for individuals and family businesses – click here;
  • Germany: FAQs about tax relief measures – click here;
  • Serbia: State of emergency terminated, implications for tax deadlines – click here;
  • Netherlands: Updated tax relief measures – click here;
  • Czech Republic: Reduced penalties for employers, late payment of social security premiums – click here;
  • Luxembourg: VAT administrative tolerance revoked as of 12 May 2020 – click here;
  • Luxembourg: Tax procedure relief measures – click here;
  • Gibraltar: Updated tax, business relief measures – click here;
  • Ghana: Update on extension of tax return filing deadlines – click here;
  • Mauritius: Tax relief measures included in pending legislation – click here;
  • Botswana: Guidance for deferral of income tax payments – click here;
  • Saudi Arabia: VAT rate to increase to 15% - click here;
  • State and local tax guidance, tax relief – click here;
  • FAQs for PPP borrowers, safe harbor from SBA audit for “good faith” certification – click here;
  • South Africa: VAT implications for landlords with rental income reductions – click here;
  • Japan: Tax relief FAQs, other guidance implementing legislation – click here;
  • Thailand announces tax measures to manage COVID-19 outbreak – click here;
  • New Zealand: Budget 2020 – click here.



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